A working musical jewellery box cake

Jewellery box cake with ballerina

At a glance, this cake may just look like a standard birthday cake lavished with edible jewels and trinkets. 

But.... it is not, because what makes this cake special is that it winds up like a real musical box, plays music, and the handmade sugar ballerina spins. Yeah you heard right, she twirls around to the music.  But if you do not believe me, watch this video to see it in action.

So here's the story of how this came about.

For three years now, I usually will see the same delivery people, whether its Amazon, Parcel force or Hermes.They always ask me what I am baking today, and one of the delivery ladies always knows when I'm not baking, on the days that there isn't the heavenly scent of vanilla wafting through the door. 

 In May, I had a knock at the door, and it was the guy from DPD who kindly delivers a lot of my cake products, and he said that his wife was after a birthday cake for their daughter. 

So his lovely wife got in touch, and explained that their daughter is turning 40, and one of her most treasured birthday cakes from the past, was this treasure chest box. 

The family, wanting to surprise Nicky with a similar cake to that from her childhood, had planned topurchase jewellery and fill up the draws of a trinket cake box with it.  

Nicky's mum did say to me, that if I could make the ballerina spin, and the cake play a tune that would be amazing, but given the time strain and the fact that I knew I would have to ship in a special mechanism from the US, I said it wouldn't be possible at this time. 

 But then, upon thinking about it, I just knew it would be amazing if I could pull this off. I checked the calendar, and got in contact with stackedcakes.us . The delivery time on the motor was two weeks, so it was perfect. 

I started sketching and planning out how I would structure the cake, where the box for the mechanism would be, how it would all lock in, and then what part of the design would be cake, and how to fit everything together so it looks like one complete piece. 

The lid needed to be secure, but I wanted as much of this design to be made from cake and sugar paste. So I lined the entire lid with sugar paste, paying attention to all the fine details.

The ballerina was very small, just 4 cm tall. I had her tying up her ballet shoe. 

Ballerina birthday cake

I loved creating this cake, it was another chance to challenge myself, and push the boundaries of cake design.