Little bites of delight, the perfect thank you gift.

Saying thank you to your guest at any event is always appreciated when its in the form of an edible experience. I love the edible favours you get at a party or wedding. Let's face it, we all go to these events to dance and eat!

Photo Credit Cake Me By Surprise Copyright 2017

Photo Credit Cake Me By Surprise Copyright 2017

These delightful little treats offer your guest an individual cake of their own, perfect for the fruit cake lovers who have not been catered for in your main cake. I always think of Marie Antoinette when I create these, they are opulent in design and really eye catching. What guest wouldn't feel special when presented with one of these. 

Another option is to offer iced biscuits, mmmm..... biscuits ( said in a Homer Simpson Voice)

Iced bird wedding biscuits

I thought maybe we had seen the back of cake pops.? But these are still hot on demand from a lot of the couples that I meet at wedding shows. These playful pops are perfect to store in mason jars or milk bottles on each table, and can be dipped in a coloured chocolate of your choice. They are great for the kids and adults, and if you want to be really adventurous you could always have them made as miniature creations of your actual wedding cake!  This is what the lovely Shelley and Brian did for their wedding last year.

If you love strawberries dipped in chocolate, these could be a great option to have set on each place setting. I am seeing rising popularity in this choice of favour. Just be aware that on a hot day, these little treats can become a little messy.

Strawberries dipped in chocolate