The Perfect Dragon Ball Birthday Cake

So, a fun fact about my husband and I, is that we tied the knot on his birthday. So traditionally, we celebrate the day we met as our anniversary, and then I dedicate our wedding anniversary to his birthday. He is a huge fan of dragon ball, and so of course, I challenged myself to model a cake around the popular Japanese animated show. 

Goku and Chi chi birthday cake

As an avid collector of Dragon Ball figurines, I wanted to create something in sugar that no one else had. Alongside, having to pay attention to getting the faces and clothing of these characters spot on. I had this really cool idea, that what if, Chi-chi was holding a birthday cake for Goku, and he could look on in awe at his surprise.

Chi chi dragon ball cake

To finish I hand painted scenery from the show around the whole cake, and added swirls of clouds to finish the cake board.

Dragon ball birthday cake

My husbands reaction was perfect, and made the whole design process worth it. This cake pushed my modelling skills, and it was a complete joy to take on a new challenge with such a memorable reward.

Dragon ball Goku and Chi chi birthday cake
Fondant Goku Dragon Ball Cake